Monday Reading

Summer’s over, and already it’s cold enough I’ve had the fire on most of the day. Here’s what’s been keeping me entertained, if not warm, this weekend:

I’m sure we’re all sick of Joss Whedon by now, so I apologise for bringing him up again, but this piece by Matthew Pateman is an eminently sensible reminder that the author is dead, and the auteur never existed. The shows Whedon has helmed certainly have their own issues; but dismissing them as an extension of the man himself elides the work of whole armies of other contributors: Celebrity Culture, Brand Whedon, and the Post-Romantic Fallacy.

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing villains lately, and Sheffield Gothic have just put up a post on one of my favourites in their Buffy series: Claire Healey on Faith, Identity and Choice.

And finally, here’s a fascinating piece by Madeleine LeDespenser on the Satanic Feminists of Bohemian Paris. Begs for somebody to write a novel about it, doesn’t it?

Happy Monday!


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